Random Quotes

quotesI recently saw Spoony’s website, (check it, he is awesomely funny) there is a random quote generator, that I think it’s a great idea for my personal blog. As you can see at the top the website, under the header, I placed my own random quotes generator. It is very easy to implement, so let’s go.

Step one: Find or come up with some awesome quotes.

Step two: Follow this tutorial to implement them on your site

The script we need is this:

// JavaScript Document

var Quotation=new Array()

Quotation[0] = “I’ve got 99 problems but PHP ain’t one”;
Quotation[1] = “Trolol’d”;

// ======================================
// Do not change anything below this line
// ======================================
var Q = Quotation.length;
var whichQuotation=Math.round(Math.random()*(Q-1));
function showQuotation(){document.write(Quotation[whichQuotation]);}

Save it to a .js file, or create your own script code inside the HTML