How should Adobe save Flash

flash player logoThis is just in: MS Google and Apple have dismissed flash and turn to HTML5. The Big Three have killed Adobe’s baby. What should Adobe do now that the 3 major companies ally together to destroy them? Scrap your plans for Flash, move into desktop programming with Flex.I know this is a big thing to ask from a company that has made millions over Flash – but the times have changed. Adobe should forget Flash for Web. They should back  their format up with Flex and AIR, maybe a hybrid release  and remove the sandbox borders.

Their marketing should aim at the new programmers, which means that Adobe should be patient. Why not give the opportunity to build an Office – OpenOffice alternative with Flex? Why not an DirectX or OpenGL graphics engine?

Flash for web is dead, even though we have not experience the full potential due to Adobe  insisting on keeping Flash an annoying but mandatory tool. Open your market, broaden the Flex capabilities (though it is difficult to release another SDK or release of Flash Builder in such short notice) and give Flash developers  a pure programming tool not some nice effects.