Coping with two opposite jobs

luggageDuring the September I started working in a non-IT job with very low requirements. It is slow, no thought needed job. Just to be polite and some sharpness. It is a hotel job, I consider it temporary, but I cannot say for sure.

My other job is a Web Developer/Designer (more developing than designing though). Which is a very mind consuming job. The daily tasks vary from slicing to custom PHP code, from offering prices to clients for their requested projects to offering coffee to them.

How I cope:

I calculate the time of the day, every day.

Try to find at least a task to complete for the 2nd job every day. From 1 minute to 4 hours.

Staying focused on both jobs

While working, you must pay respect to any job, even if it is the most boring of the world. It is a way for not giving excuses to any of the coworkers or bosses to pressure you  to quit one.

Overlap the time of the jobs but not the phonecalls.

There is a night shift where there is mostly nothing to do. Most of the time is spent by waiting for something to happen. Therefore there is plenty of time to make that bug dissapear…

During the other shifts, any contact for work is best to be avoided for obvious reason. You cannot help anyone if you talk on the phone during the other work.

P.S. Check soon my other blog where I record my experiences of the hotel.