Browsing securely the net from work

anonymousSome of us that work two jobs (yeah really), have the benefit/curse of working with multiple PC’s and having to overlap the work hours. This presents the need of working from a “useful” or “important” PC in the company.

Here’s a few tips on how I cope with the issue.

Use Ignognito mode or Private Browsing in your browser

This is the first step, the most common one and safe. If the history is deleted, then the user becomes suspicious of someone using his/her “important” PC. By leaving the history intact the user never suspects anything . This functionality allows the user to surf without leaving any cookies, logs, login codes or history. Currently I have tested it with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Use Portable Apps or any other USB powered sandbox.

This software is epic. Load your favorite programs on a USB stick, and enjoy your convinience anywhere. These programs do not require any installation or tweak and they leave no trace.

Optional: Install XAMPP on USB with Portable Apps.

Did I mention that this software is epic? Yes it IS!